Sue Grafton Will Be Missed

Saying Goodbye To A Legend

My heart was saddened today to see the report that Sue Grafton has passed away at the age of 77. According to her daughter, Grafton had battled two long years with cancer. To her family I say, “I am so very sorry for your loss!” The world of mystery readers is saddened, too.  At least I know I am.

It is difficult for me to fathom that it has been 35 years since I read her first book in the Kinsey Millhone series, also known as the alphabet series. The first book, A is for Alibi (paid link) made me an avid fan. I loved the character of Kinsey from the get go! Kind of a smart-ass and yet slightly broken. She was believable back then and remained so in all of the books that followed. That took some good writing, folks!

When the series was first released, we readers heard the ambitious goal of the author which was that she wanted to write a series of books for every letter in the alphabet. It kind of became a game for her fans to guess what the title would be for each novel before it was released. Pretty ingenious when you think about it. I don’t know whether she thought about it or not but her goal created a marketing plan that would last for a long time. We call it branding now, but back then it was just a brilliant stroke of genius.

Sue Grafton Ends The Alphabet With Y

Sadly, Sue didn’t get all the way through the alphabet. She almost made it ending with Y is for Yesterday; only one letter to go. Her daughter Jamie released a statement on Sue’s website announcing the passing of her mother. In the statement she reminds her fans that Sue was adamant that a ghost writer would never write under her name. It touched my heart when Jamie says that as far as the family is concerned the alphabet now ends with Y. That brought tears to my eyes!

I think that it is safe to say that Sue Grafton will be sorely missed by her loving family along with her millions of fans. Thank you for your wonderful work throughout the years with believable characters and plots. May you rest in peace dear lady!

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