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Coffee mugs make wonderful gifts for authors, in my opinion. I would venture to say that most writers drink a lot of coffee or possibly tea to keep their juices flowing in a writing session. It is my beverage of choice, anyway.

When you have someone on your gift list who happens to be a writer, there are a variety of coffee mugs that are whimsical and functional for the author on your list. One of my favorites is:

Mug for the Author
coffee mugs (paid link)

I love mugs like the one above because it is funny and useful all in one. Another good one would be, “Be careful what you say, I might use it in my next book.” Hopefully, I will find that one some day on a mug.

Another Coffee Mugs option for the author

Writes A Book Cup
coffee cup (paid link)

Take it from an author, we love to talk about our books. It may be one we have already published or one we are working on. Just ask and we will talk your ear off!

All of us hope that one day we will find our name on a best seller list like Stephen King or J. K. Rowling. So, the mug below would be a perfect gift for one of us.

Best Seller Wanna Be Cup
best seller mug (paid link)

Three mugs that are perfect for the author on your list for a gift and who also drink coffee while they write. Even if the warm beverage is not for the time they spend sitting at the keyboard or at their desk with pen and paper, I bet they drink at least one cup in the morning.

A fun thing to do when giving a gift like this is to fill it with something. Candy works well, sometimes we need a sugar high to keep us going! Another idea is to fill the cup with pencils or pens because we are always jotting down an idea that strikes us for the book we are working on. Including small post it notes is a great idea, too.

What about it? Would you consider one of these mugs for the author on your gift list?

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