Roni Rainer

Meet Roni Rainer our protagonist

Veronica Rainer is the main character in the Roni Rainer Mysteries series. Not many people call her Veronica; her name was shortened to Roni when she was very small. There are a few people in her life that have different ways of addressing her. Mitchell Denton, Mitch for short, has called her Dimples since their grade school days. Her employees call her Mrs. R for the most part except for Clayton Burton (Clay) who usually calls her Boss Lady.

What makes Roni Rainer tick?

Roni was born on April 28, 1974 making her 43 when the series begins. Her birth date puts her in the astrological earth sign of Taurus. Being a Taurean, she is a generous, dependable and nurturing soul. She can resemble the Bull of the Heavens with her stubbornness and temper if she is pushed too far. Roni might be considered by many as a modern example of the original earth mother which is typical of the women born in her sign. Her approach in life is down to earth and practical. Roni prefers to provide situations for her friends and loved ones to shine rather than to try to prove to the world that she is intelligent or clever. Her patient nature allows her to plant the seeds of love in those around her while being willing to wait until they take root and grow.

Taurus Bull (Roni’s Zodiac Sign)

Unlike many of the traditional amateur detectives in Cozy Mysteries, Roni is more of an accidental sleuth. She isn’t driven to solve the crime out of curiosity as much as her desire to ease the pain caused by the crime. Her motive is not to out-do the police in solving a crime. She feels comfortable to gather information from conversations and observations that will assist the law enforcement officers to make the needed arrests. The “warnings” that often direct her are due to her being an Earth Empath with strong intuitive abilities. She is connected to the earth around her sensing when there is danger or something out of balance. Roni can feel the emotions of the people she encounters instinctively; quickly determining whether they are to be trusted or not . Her spiritual adviser, Kitchi, has trained her to control the feelings in a way that they don’t overwhelm her since she was a small child.

Roni suffers from the loss of her parents in a car accident when she was only eight years old. She gives a lot of credit to her maternal grandmother, Grandma Claire, for raising her with the values that she has as an adult woman. In the beginning of the series she is married to a man who has been controlling and verbally abusive throughout their marriage. His treatment of her causes some pretty strong resolutions to never be treated like that again although they aren’t mentioned much in the story lines.

Physical Traits of Roni:

Roni Rainer is tall and slender. Her long black hair is straight and her eyes are very dark brown. She resembles her Ojibwe father more than her Caucasian mother. Her dimples, that melt Mitch Denton’s heart, are from her lovely mother. She is extremely attractive and has a natural sensuality that she is totally unaware of. I will leave it here because you as the reader will most likely visualize her differently than the woman who lives inside my head.

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