This page will showcase my books that are currently published and available on Amazon. At this time, they are exclusively found there in both digital and paperback versions.

Books In The Roni Rainer Mystery Series

Book one in the Roni Rainer Mystery series

Veronica Rainer, everyone calls her Roni, needs some bicycle parts to create a custom design requested by a customer in her up-cycling business, Revived. Walking down to the local bicycle shop to see if Willie might have the parts she needs; she finds the owner dead behind his counter. Did he die from natural causes or is someone responsible for his death?

Book two in the Roni Rainer Mystery series

An immigrant girl is missing; Roni is asked to help find her without getting the police involved. As she searches for the girl, a local man is found dead on the grounds where a new skate park is to be built. Are the two connected?

Book Three in the “Roni Rainer Mystery Series

On a cold December day, Roni hikes up to Talking Rock for some spiritual healing. She still suffers from the trauma of the abduction last June, the rock’s energy seems to help. Her plans for working on her inner turmoil are interrupted when she finds a body on the western face of the huge boulder. Will she be able to assist the handsome deputy, Mitch, while keeping up with her thriving up-scaling business?

Book Four in the Roni Rainer Myserty Series

A young hairdresser is missing from the small town of Beaver Falls. Has she left the town that she despises of her own free will or has someone taken her. Join Roni and her friends as they begin to gather clues to solve the mystery of Missing In Beaver Falls.

Books in the Cabin 9 Mysteries Series

Campground Corpse Book 1 in series

Taylor Reigler has moved to Indiana after inheriting the Whispering Oaks Campground from her father. Her plans are to run a Bed & Breakfast business from the Main Lodge and to live in the upper level. The nine cabins on the property will be where her paying guests stay. She thought it would be easy until she arrives to find the grass is waste-high and she meets the ghost of the man who had been hired to keep it mowed. She is relatively new to this ability to both see and talk to dead people and if she is honest, she would just as soon they leave her alone. Gavin Bishop, the Town Marshal from the nearest small town offers to help her find a place to stay after they discover about a decade and a half of dust covering the interior of each of her buildings. His sister, Gwen, has a spare room and needs a job. She will help Taylor with the cleaning. All seems to be falling into place until on day two Taylor meets the spirit of her Great-great-aunt Florence who resides in Cabin 9. If that wasn’t unnerving enough, she and Gwen discover a body floating in the pond who now asks for Taylor to help find his killer.

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