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A Cozy Mystery Series That I Enjoy Reading

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Reading Sweet Cove Series

Currently, I am in the middle of reading a series of cozy mysteries by J A Whiting called the Sweet Cove Mystery series. All of the stories take place in a small Massachusetts town named, you guessed it, Sweet Cove.

One of the reasons that I find these books so much fun to read is that instead of one amateur sleuth there are seven.  There are five humans and two very interesting felines. That is correct, J A Whiting has created a most interesting set of plots that involve more than one person working together to solve the mystery. I am finding her characters most lovable to follow through each book.

Sweet Cove Mystery Book 1
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Each book follows Angie Roseland and her sisters in the cozy little town of Sweet Cove. Jenna is Angie’s twin sister along with two other sisters, Ellie and Courtney. So, I have named four of the five humans. In book one you will meet the four sisters along with one of the feline sleuths. I am not going to give away the fifth human’s name or the cat at this point. I hate it when people spoil a plot like that!

Without giving too much away, I will tell you that there is a little bit of paranormal activity taking place in the small town which makes the books even more fun to read. Again, I don’t want to spoil it for you so I am leaving it to you to read the series and find out what that activity entails.

Should you read them in order of publishing?

Each book can stand alone for an enjoyable reading experience.  I recommend that you start with book 1 in the Sweet Cove series and continue in order. The mystery in each book is solved at the end but often the next book will build on events that happened in the previous books. This is particularly true in the relationships and friendships that the sisters make from book to book.

The books are not too incredibly long, you could probably finish one in a couple of hours if you have the time to snuggle up and read. I believe that you will find them most entertaining and will become a fan of J A Whiting as I have.

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  1. I, too, have recently found the Sweet Cove series. I love it because I happen to live on Roseland Avenue in Pennsylvania!!

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