Book 3 in series launched

On March 4, 2019 the third book in the Roni Rainer Mysteries series launched on Amazon. The book is available in both digital and print versions.

Roni’s up-cycling business is thriving with the help of Charlotte’s creative ideas along with Brody Scott’s wood sculptures. She and the board of directors are busy planning the opening of the Community Center in a few weeks.

Although life is good for her in the small town of Beaver Falls, Indiana she still suffers from the trauma of her abduction and the break-up of her marriage. For the last six months she has visited the large boulder that the locals refer to as Talking Rock. There is something about the solitude along with the energy of the stone that helps her fight the negative demons in her head.

Her visit is cut short when she finds the body of a local man on the western face of the rock. Will she be able to help the handsome Deputy Mitch Denton find the culprit?

Find the answers while getting to know more about Roni and her friends in Beaver Falls. (The Puzzle of Talking Rock)

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